Brian Van Eck, Chief Strategy Officer

Serving as RANT’s Chief Strategy Officer, Brian’s responsibilities revolve around assisting our physicians to achieve their practice goals through various strategic initiatives. Previously the Director of RANT’s Independent Radiology Network (IRN), Brian focused on developing alliances with like-minded radiology practices in North Texas through mergers, acquisitions, and affiliations. Brian attended Calvin College and graduated in …Keep reading

Karen McBride, Director of Human Resources

With over 20 years experience in the Radiology Associates Human Resources Department, Karen has gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding in all aspects of HR management. Her current role as Director of Human Resources involves oversight of employee relations, staffing, compensation, training and HR policy development. Throughout her career, Karen has also had extensive …Keep reading

David Howard, MBA Chief Marketing Officer

In his role as Chief Marketing Officer, David’s primary responsibilities include branding, advertising, graphic design, public relations, event planning, referral development, social media management, website management, market research, and RFP response. He received his B.B.A. in Marketing from the University of Texas at Arlington and an MBA with a concentration in Marketing from Dallas Baptist University.  David has …Keep reading

Craig Carter, Chief Operating Officer

Craig has served within the Operations structure of Radiology Associates for 16 years, functioning in many different roles during this tenure. Craig is currently responsible for overall corporate operations management, including health systems’ contracting and relations. Another important aspect of his duties includes the oversight of Teleradiology functions and operations. Prior to his employment with …Keep reading

Matt Long, Chief Information Officer

Serving as Chief Information Officer for Radiology Associates of North Texas, Matt has extensive experience in the development and implementation of Information Technology systems within healthcare. Prior to joining Radiology Associates, Matt served as an IT Manager for Alcon Laboratories, a research and development global medical company focused on eye care. Matt received his B.S. …Keep reading

Kirt Woolsey, Chief Financial Officer

With almost 10 years of experience in executive healthcare management, Kirt is proficient in a wide range of leadership, management and advisory positions.  In his role as Chief Financial Officer, he provides executives with timely and accurate financial statements, ongoing cash flow projections, oversight over accounting and finance operations, as well as design and maintenance …Keep reading

Corbin Wilson, Chief Executive Officer

Corbin brings a wealth of experience and expertise in large physician practice management and healthcare law.  Prior to joining Radiology Associates, he spent 8 years as Executive Director and President of the JPS Physician Group, a multi-specialty group with over 180 physicians and mid-level providers. In this role, he provided executive oversight to all departments …Keep reading

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