Congratulations to Radiology Associates of North Texas radiologist Jill Chilcoat on being named the 2017 Physician of the Year at Texas Health Southwest!

Dr. Chilcoat is extremely passionate about women’s health and currently serves a the Breast Imaging Section Chief for Radiology Associates.  She also serves as the Lead Interpreting Physician at the Virginia Clay Dorman Breast Center at Texas Health Southwest.

For an idea of why Dr. Chilcoat was selected for this great honor, here are some excerpts from some of the multiple nomination letters received by the hospital:

  • Dr. Jill Chilcoat is compassionate, professional, consistent, and an expert in the field of breast radiology. She exhibits the same characteristics with patients and their families as she does with her staff. Patients often comment how unusual she is for a doctor. That she is kind and precise when talking with patients to explain the need for a biopsy to rule out breast cancer, to tell her that her tests are all okay or to call with the dreaded information, “You have breast cancer”. She personally calls every patient and gives them the pathology results when there is a new cancer diagnosis. She explains the findings, the need for further care, but always ends every conversation by encouraging the patient and telling them that she is praying for them. She truly cares for every patient and sees the need for treatment body, soul, and spirit. We receive feedback on a daily basis as multiple patients express how nice she is and thorough in her explanations.
  • Consistency: She is the same every day with every patient and every staff interaction she has. I have worked with a lot of physicians over the years and have found very few with the qualities that Dr. Chilcoat has. In my experience there would be doctors who were great with patients but disrespectful, curt and anything but pleasant to the staff. There were other physicians who were great clinicians but had a difficult time communicating with patients.
  • She never expects anything from staff that she herself is not willing to give. She comes in very early or stays late to accommodate a patient added on to the schedule at the last minute. It is her attitude and philosophy to never say no to a request if it is at all possible to do.
  • Another very strong quality she has is for service recovery whether it is with a patient, family, or another physician.
  • The number of biopsies done every day has increased since she became the Medical Director of the breast center simply by working with management to find a way to make our schedule more efficient. She also started and matured our breast MRI program. We are one of the few facilities in Tarrant County that even offer MRI guided breast biopsies. She is always looking for ways to be the best she can be while bringing out the best in all those around her.
  • What a joy and pleasure it is to work amongst such a beautiful and loving spirit. Dr.  Jill Chilcoat is a special blessing to us and all of our patients.

Dr. Jill Chilcoat met her husband Dr. Gray Chilcoat while they were both in medical school and married while doing their residencies.  They have been married for 24 years and are planning a 25 year anniversary trip this coming June.  They have been blessed with 4 sons, James, Cole, Brad and Drew ranging in age from 17 to 23.  Dr. Chilcoat’s hobbies have always surrounded those of her children.  She’s been a Room Mom at their schools, Team Mom for various sports – mostly football and Basketball, a Cub Scout Leader and Sunday School Teacher.  In addition, she is an Elder at the 1st Presbyterian Church of Fort Worth and was on the Advisory Board of the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History for years and helped plan the Mad Scientist Ball!

Once again, congratulations to Dr.  Jill Chilcoat our 2017 Physician of the Year!  Radiology Associates of North Texas is proud to have physicians of this caliber representing us to our patients and imaging partners.

Posted: February 28, 2018

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