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What is EndoAVF?

If you have failing kidneys, you may require hemodialysis to help filter waste products from your blood. If so, a connection between your blood and a dialysis machine is needed.

In the past, this would have been done using a more invasive surgical procedure with an incision in the arm. A vein would be moved and sutured to an adjacent artery. Luckily, more modern approaches now exist using minimally invasive techniques to create this access. This is known as endovascular fistula creation, or EndoAVF.

Why EndoAVF?

EndoAVF can be performed with just two to three sticks of a needle in the arm. This is much less invasive than the traditional major surgical incision. Additionally, patients tend to enjoy the more subtle, hidden look of the fistula compared to traditional fistulas. Our vascular & interventional specialists can perform this procedure in an outpatient setting, and you can expect to resume normal activities within just 2-3 days!

What are next steps?

If you are in need of hemodialysis and are looking for a simpler solution to create this access, contact us by clicking on the Request a Consultation below or giving us a call at 817.321.0951. We would love to connect with you and discuss how we might be able to care for you.

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