Endovascular Stroke Treatment By NeuroInterventional Radiologist Ben Crandall, D.O.

Grateful stroke patient using his hands to craft his own future. For more than 16 years, Duane Mauldin sold operating room medical devices. But two years ago, Mauldin ended up in the operating room for a much more personal reason — fighting for his life after suffering three strokes in less than two hours. He …Keep reading

Matt Fiesta, MD (Neurointerventional Radiologist) treats stroke patient who feels “privileged and blessed.”

He was a workaholic and suffered a stroke. Here’s why he feels ‘privileged and blessed’  Bob Jing was a workaholic and Aug. 19 was just another normal and busy day. The dentist was accustomed to practicing in several offices across the Fort Worth area, seven days a week, but about noon that day his life …Keep reading

Radiologist Noah Appel, M.D. Named 2017 Physician Of The Year at Texas Health Dallas

Congratulations to Radiology Associates of North Texas radiologist Noah Appel on being named the 2017 Physician of the Year at Texas Health Dallas! Each year, active Texas Health Dallas physicians are nominated by their peers for their excellence in the practice of medicine and demonstration of exemplary leadership qualities. Finalists are selected by the Medical …Keep reading

Radiologist Jill Chilcoat, M.D. Named 2017 Physician Of The Year at Texas Health Southwest

Congratulations to Radiology Associates of North Texas radiologist Jill Chilcoat on being named the 2017 Physician of the Year at Texas Health Southwest! Dr. Chilcoat is extremely passionate about women’s health and currently serves a the Breast Imaging Section Chief for Radiology Associates.  She also serves as the Lead Interpreting Physician at the Virginia Clay …Keep reading

Uterine Fibroid Embolization: Women discover an alternative to hysterectomy

Carmen McKever found out she had uterine fibroids during a visit to her gynecologist to remove an ovarian cyst “I didn’t think anything of it at the time,” she said. But in a few years she began to develop serious symptoms, including heavy, long and painful periods. One menstrual cycle even lasted an entire month. Carmen …Keep reading

CT Lung Screening: A Chance to Breathe Easier

CT Lung Screening: A Chance to Breath Easier An imaging test that looks for disease when the patient has no outward signs of illness is called a screening test. A mammogram, for example, is used to “screen” for breast cancer in women, and most screening programs start at age 40. A CT lung scan screens …Keep reading

Interventional Oncology at Radiology Associates of North texas

Interventional radiology is changing how some of the most difficult cancers are being treated. At Radiology Associates of North Texas (RADNTX), our subspecialty-trained vascular and interventional radiologists are at the forefront of these exciting developments, making a difference in the lives of area residents every day. Unlike traditional surgical approaches for treating cancer, the field …Keep reading

Brain Trust: Neurointerventional Radiology at Radiology Associate of North Texas

Image-guided brain plumbing: it’s a simple way to think about what interventional radiologists who work primarily with brain problems actually do. Better known as Neurointerventional Radiology, or simply “Neuro IR,” this unique subspecialty includes three of the most dedicated and passionate radiologists in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.  The RADNTX “brain trust” includes: Ben Crandall, M.D., …Keep reading

OK Google: When Should I Get a Mammogram?

The ultimate goal of any health care screening test is early detection – to find out if people have a disease or condition before there are any outward signs of disease. Mammography is a screening test for diagnosing breast cancer. This critically essential tool enables our physicians to find breast cancer in its earliest stages, …Keep reading

Radiology Associates Celebrates 80 Years

  Radiology Associates is proud to celebrate 80 years of radiology excellence in North Texas.   Throughout our history, our physicians have maintained a commitment to providing excellence in all aspects of our practice.  In addition to consistently leading innovation within the radiology industry, our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality service for each individual patient. …Keep reading

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