Radiology Associates of North Texas is currently the largest radiology group in the nation—and we got here by focusing on one patient at a time. Since 1937, our expert radiologists have been providing exceptionally high quality reports and interventional services to our patients, physicians, and imaging partners.

Quality Radiology Associates is committed to providing the highest quality imaging interpretation possible.  To this end, our physicians have established a culture that promotes quality to ensure patients receive the highest level of care.


  • Peer Review

    Since 2007, our physicians have utilized the American College of Radiology’s RADPEER peer review program. As a part of this program, all Radiology Associates physicians perform random peer review overreads of all modalities.  Findings based upon results of the random overreads are then sent to participating imaging partners.  In addition to the reports sent to our imaging partners, Radiology Associates has established a Medical Peer Review Committee (MPRC), comprised entirely of radiologists.  The MPRC meets monthly to review any negative or sub-par peer review findings and to identify any patterns of mistakes made by one of the radiologists. If such a pattern is identified, the MPRC has the authority to mandate supplemental continuing medical education or take other corrective measures to ensure the high practice standards are maintained. The MPRC maintains close ties with our imaging partners’ peer review committees, to promote the highest quality of care.

  • Subspecialty Expertise

    The ability to match the right radiologist with the right exam is a challenge not many radiology groups can meet. At Radiology Associates, the vast majority of our physicians are fellowship trained in everything from Abdominal Imaging to Neurointerventional Radiology and almost all have received additional training in various radiology subspecialties. This is a valuable resource for large and small clients alike. The size of our group, combined with our commitment to exceptional patient care, enables us to provide the subspecialty expertise that only a large radiology group could offer, as well as the accessibility of a physician-next-door. Click here for more information on the various subspecialties offered by Radiology Associates.

  • Fast Report Turnaround

    In the days of transcription and light boxes, report turnaround times could vary from hours to several days. In recent history, however, technology has advanced to a point where our physicians are able to create and transmit quality reports in a fraction of the time it once took.  Our practice has worked with several companies to create a customized IT infrastructure that maximizes the potential of our group and streamlines our physician workflow.  By eliminating gaps in physician productivity, we were able to free up our radiologists to provide timely interpretations and consultations to our imaging partners. The result…you get the answers you need, when you need them.

Innovation Since our practice’s origin in 1937, Radiology Associates physicians have been on the forefront of innovation within the field of radiology.


  • Technology

    During the time when our group owned and operated imaging centers, we were often the first to bring the newest technology to the local market. Some examples of our firsts include PET, PET/CT and Open MRI.  Our focus has now turned to advancing the technological infrastructure of our information systems.  This renewed focus has resulted in a fully customized Radiology Information System (RIS) and a robust radiology informatics platform.  These programs enable our practice to provide exceptional quality and advanced reporting to our various imaging partners.

  • Industry Involvement

    Our practice serves the field of radiology through positions held within the American College of Radiology, the Texas Radiological Society and the Radiology Business Management Association. By serving in these and other organizations, Radiology Associates is positioned to be a thought leader within our industry and able to effect change where needed.

  • Strategic Partnerships

    Since 2012, Radiology Associates has been an active member of the private radiology practice consortium know as Strategic Radiology. Formed as an initiative to share best practices and improve overal quality, Strategic Radiology now represents over 1,300 radiologists from the largest and clinicly advanced practices from around the nation.  Radiology Associates is the largest of the Strategic Radiology partners.

Collaboration Radiology Associates is proud to partner with hospitals, imaging centers, freestanding emergency centers and physician practices across Texas.  In our role as radiology experts, our physicians are often called upon to provide guidance and oversight for the various areas within our specialty.


  • Accreditation

    Radiology Associates’ physicians provide the clinical expertise required for the state mandated imaging accreditation processes. Our radiologists work closely with the technologists and staff to ensure our imaging partner facilities meet the highest of quality standards.

  • Committees

    Radiologists are often asked to sit on hospital committees, to provide a unique perspective on how the Radiology Department influences the overall patient experience.

  • Medical Director

    Our radiologists serve as Medical Directors for the various facilities covered by our practice. Each facility has a unique set of needs and our physicians are equipped and available to provide appropriate leadership.

  • Technologist Support

    The radiologists are available to advise radiology technologists on various exam protocols, patient safety and dose reduction techniques.

  • Decision Support

    Making sure the right exams are ordered is essential to getting the answers needed to accurately diagnose patient ailments. Our radiologists are available 24/7/365 to provide guidance to referring physicians, in order to ensure the most appropriate exams are ordered and performed.

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